The following is a list of request types which this charity will be unable to help with.

  • We do not normally help those who are homeowners
  • We do not help those not in our area of benefit.
  • We do not give cash grants (unless they are to be administered by an agency)
  • We do not give grants retrospectively or pay arrears on utility bills
  • We do not provide funds for funerals
  • We do not provide wheelchairs or electric scooters
  • We do not provide computer equipment of any sort, unless you are housebound
  • We do not provide dishwashers
  • We do not provide laminate flooring
  • We do not provide grants for equipment where government, or local government, or any other agency is required to provide that equipment by law.

Further to the above:

  • We prefer not to give grants where we receive repeat requests. (ie, if we have already funded something, before.)
  • We are extremely unlikely to meet requests for which funding may be available from other places. This is inclusive of organizations who have large reserves, or who are not exploring a full range of alternative funding options.) 
Please note: if we can't help, there may still be people who can. Some examples of other organizations you might try are given in our handout,  Who else can help? or can be accessed through other parts of this key information section of the website.