Sourcing help for local organisations

If you are a voluntary organisation or community group providing services and activities for Fulham people on low incomes, you can apply for project funding either for a one-off grant or for a grant towards running costs. For further details on what you may apply for, please see our guidance notes – which are included in our application form. As a guideline on how much you might apply for, we would suggest a figure of anything up to £5,000 in any given year, although we would consider arguments for higher amounts. 

To get a good idea of how we apply our criteria, you may wish to look at the checklist used by us as a part of the initial screening process. A copy of this is available via the link below, and we strongly advise that you consider the extent to which your application is liable satisfy the queries as set out, and make any amendments accordingly.

icon organizations checklist 

We welcome applications from small, emerging and minority ethnic organisations. Please call  Jonathan Martin on 020 7386 9387 if you would like to discuss whether we can help you. (Or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. )

To download a form in Word format, please use the link below.

icon Organizations' application DEBK