Relief in Need - Applying for help

Our Relief in Need grants (when agreed) are given to people on low incomes (or on state benefits) for essential items of daily living including kitchen appliances, beds, furniture and clothing (including school uniform).

We will sometimes consider the provision of medical aids (but only if the application is accompanied by an explanatory letter from the appropriate medical practitioner/s).

We also consider requests for floor coverings (though not laminate flooring) decorating materials, baby items (not covered by the statutory maternity grant) and aids and equipment for people with disabilities (if not provided by the state). 

If you are in doubt about whether we will help fund the item you wish to apply for, then please call us on 020 7386 9387 to discuss your request. Most of our grants relate to the items already described above, so you are interested in something which is not listed then we would recommend checking with us before taking the time to complete a request form.

Relief in need grant applications can be made in the following two ways, with a separate form for each:

  • Submitted by the individual (or family) in need, direct to us
  • Submitted on behalf of that individual (or family) by a supporting agency, such as Social Services.

Please note, as stated above, that there are different forms for each of these application types, and using the wrong form may mean that your application is not considered. Please note, also, that agencies applying on behalf of individuals need to ensure that all the appropriate checks are made with regard to income, residential status, and general suitability. Invalid or incomplete applications will cause frustration and delay, and may even result in us being unable to process requests.

To go ahead and make a request, the application forms can be downloaded using the links on the main grants page, or they can be requested by phone or email. Please make sure, when you send them back, that you have filled in the contact details sections, and that (in particular) you have given us an up to date telephone contact number and/or email address.  

Finally, please be aware of the following exclusions

  • We do not normally help those who are homeowners
  • We do not help those not in our area of benefit.
  • We do not give cash grants (unless they are to be administered by an agency)
  • We do not give grants retrospectively or pay arrears on utility bills
  • We do not provide funds for funerals
  • We do not provide wheelchairs or electric scooters
  • We do not provide computer equipment of any sort, unless you are housebound
  • We do not provide dishwashers unless there is a medical need 
  • We do not provide items that government, local government, or other agencies are required to provide by law
  • We do not usually provide items (other than clothing or books) where the individual purchase value is less than £15

Forms can be returned to our office by hand, by post, or by email - but, if you wish to discuss your application, please contact us in advance, by telephone or email.