How to apply for a Grant

Before you start:  Please check that the help you intend to request will relate only to individuals or families that live within our area of benefit. If your application does not relate to this area, it will not be accepted. (If you are hoping for assistance for an organization or school which works across boundaries, then this restriction will still apply - but we may be able to meet a proportion of the request, depending on the proportion of your client group that live within qualifying postcodes. You can contact us, to discuss this.) The exact locations being referred to here are set out in a map, accessed by clicking on the link below.  

Click here for map

If your request meets out boundaries criteria, then we may give grants for the following purposes:

1. Relief for individuals in severe need (meaning where extreme hardship is being endured)

2. Support for locally focussed organisations for projects addressing poverty issues/relief in need.

3. Summer schemes for local children (particularly for those under 11)

4. Education, for individuals in need (on a limited basis)


If you feel you may be in a position to apply to us, then you can EITHER download an application form by clicking on one of the links (above left), OR you can telephone the office and we will send you one. Be sure to download the correct form (see notes below, particularly with regard to Relief in Need). 


The information you will need in order to have the best chance of submitting a successful application can be reached by clicking on the blue headers that now follow. (Please read the relevant section, and then move on to the paragraphs giving further details about our process. A list of Committee Dates - which are the dates on which grant-making decisions are made - can be found in the Key Information area of this website.) 

Relief in Need - if you want more information on grant rules for relief in need, click on the blue header, left.

Grants for Organizations - if you want more information on grant rules for organizations, or you need a form, click on the blue header, left.

Summer Schemes - if you want more information on grant rules for summer schemes, click on the blue header, left.

Education - if you want more information on grant rules for education, click on the blue header, left.

The process itself is relatively straightforward. You should submit an application to us (no matter what type of grant you want to apply for) which MUST contain the contact details of the person who filled in the form as well as the contact details of the person or organization who will receive the grant, if it is awarded. After we have checked the sumitted application, we will be in touch to discuss what happens next. (We may well need to come and visit you, or to ask you to come and visit us.) We will collect the information we need in order to decide whether the request can go forward to a meeting of trustees, and we will look at relevant evidence to support the content of your application. Once we have all we need, and if the request meets our criteria, the application will be submitted a meeting of trustees, at which a decision will be made. If your application is submitted to a trustee meeting you will be informed of the trustees' decision as soon as is reasonable after that meeting, and usually within 14 days.

If you need to know more, in advance, please ring us. And/or look at the additional guidance -  available here.